These posts are in order from old to new, top to bottom. I either was inspired by something random, or had a random thought that I had to finish through (or not finish through). These pages are for things mostly unrelated to my other books unless specified, and they are free-standing of most other things I’ve written big or small.

The title is a little bit about the subject, but in a broad or general fashion. Below each linked title is a small blurb about the article so that you can get a feel for which ones would be interesting to you. Read on my fellow essayists.


Letters to Erin – the 34th letter

This article covers a small excerpt from my book Letters to Erin, a romance novel. In it I discuss how similar the book is to one of my past relationships, and what that book actually was for me as the author.

What is a Hero, and Who Decides?

This article is a quick lesson about how anyone and everyone can be some kind of hero. You don’t need to have super-powers, you don’t need to be a cop, you don’t need to risk your life to be a hero; it’s the simple things in life that can gain you the most self-worth and the most love of others.

When I Die

This is a very brief kind of pun that discusses what should be said at the end of one’s life, or rather, what shouldn’t NEED to be said.


A Perfect World

This article discusses how we act in our lives, and how it effects others. With revenge being the general topic of conversation, I try to express my opinion on why revenge is never something that should be sought after because it makes the world a worse place.


The Testimony of My Literary Mentality

This tells how I became a writer, at least in my opinion. It starts with the first books I actually read outside of school, and what I think led up to my need to entertain through written word.

My Dog Cloudy

This is basically a eulogy for my adoptive parent’s dog Cloudy. She was my best friend for a long time and I’ll never forget her.


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